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For a few years now, Pauwels Veranda’s visualises their realisations in 3D as part of their smart marketing & communication strategy. We developed an interactive tool that lets their designers recreate or even enhance reality. To stay ahead of the competition, we went a step further by enabling clients to walk around their personal design in real-time. This really lets the client ‘live their dream before it’s built”.

Pauwels veranda's interieur

Live your dream before it’s built

We're all familiar with 2D plans. Some can read them, but it helps everyone if we bring these to life using a 3D realtime environment in which you can walk around. That's how we enable customers to live their dream before it's built.

Pauwels 3D chair

The personal touch

Pauwels helps customers with different styles. To inspire people even more they're able to include modern or traditional furniture in the custom realisations. That's what we call "a personal touch"!

Day or night

Apart from the beautiful construction, we also take the environment into account. We are able to simulate the direction of the sun as well as show day-to-night transitions.


To match your taste

Imagine seeing your realisation in a garden-type to your liking: "modern versus traditional" or even your own personal garden shot in 360 degrees. Everything can match your taste.

How do we do it?

3D visualisations are nothing new. What ís new however is the fact that the 3D configurator lets designers create them without any technical knowledge. It’s very simple: just load the technical drawing and enhance your interior design by dragging and dropping furniture from the built-in library. From there you have two options: create a 3D visual to print or e-mail to the client, or create a VR walkthrough for a more immersive experience.

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