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We must admit: some of our employees are a bit scared of rollercoasters. That didn't stop us from being very excited when Bellewaerde asked us to create a 3D animation for the promotion of their newest attraction, which is the first of its kind in Europe. The brand new 'Duelling Alpine Coaster'!

Designed from scratch

Working closely together with the architects and park managers, we designed the entire 'Duelling Alpine Coaster' attraction from scratch. A challenging ride through conceptualizing, modeling, texturing, lighting and animation. To really capture the look and feel of the - still to be built - rollercoaster.

We also brought the 'Dawson Duel' logo at the end of the video to life by adding a fun little animation. That same logo will be used at the actual park ride, and it's animation can be put to use on digital displays.

Bellewaerde Workflow Process Shot 1
Bellewaerde Workflow Process Shot 2
Bellewaerde Workflow Process Shot 3
Bellewaerde Workflow Process Shot 4
Bellewaerde Workflow Process Shot 5
Bellewaerde Workflow Process Shot 6
Bellewaerde Workflow Process Shot 7

Designing the attraction

All 3D assets used in our animation - the attraction's carts, the trees, trash cans, wire fences, pavement, park benches, etc - were built from scratch, and designed to resemble the actual physical objects inside the Bellewaerde park. That way, park visitors would recognize the environment when watching the video.

Working with the architects and park managers certainly provided a fun aditional challenge as opposed to designing a fictitious park attraction. We enjoyed the ride!

Enjoying the flow

One of the most enjoyable things about projects like these is seeing the progress made from start to finish, and seeing the project come together nicely in it's final form. Each project presents it's own challenges, and you learn new things from each one. In this case, the tight deadline and the close collaboration with the architects and park managers provided a unique challenge we enjoyed tackling and using to optimize our workflow which undoubtedly will come in handy on future projects.

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