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  • Website redesign, booking system, posters

Ocean Club Marbella, a luxurious beach club in Puerto Banus, is a place to be. Not only in the sunshine with a cocktail in your hand, but online as well. And that is what Artcore Society takes care of. The redesign of their entire website? Check. Integration of a complete booking platform to manage all Pool Bed Bookings? Check. On- and offline promotion material for events and more? Yeeep

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Pricelists, posters, website, social media, billboards, you name it. We made it.

Our concept developers and content strategists set up great ideas and content for online visibility. Our in-house designers work as maniacs to get top notch material right to Marbella to catch all attention necessary. Beneath you can check some posters we made for their events. Made in Belgium, sunburned in Spain.


We integrated a booking system into the new website. Slick and easy to use.

With our custom-made software, we always aim to make life as easy as possible for both our clients and their clients. That's exactly what we did for Ocean Club Marbella. Introducing the Pool Bed Manager: an easy-to-use digital platform for booking management and ticket sales.

Pricelists, ...


Nothing is more important than having a complete overview on what's happening at the club. With the floorplan-view, all employees have 24/7 access to a graphic representation of how the different areas in the club are booked. The floorplan is fully customisable and automatically adapts itself to the attendance level of each day.



Knowledge is power. That's why we make sure that all the necessary information is always right at your fingertips. In the overview window the user has a clear view on the state of each reservation. Everything is built in such a way that managing, editing and adding bookings is easier than ever before.


Integration with Santander

It's been proven that malfunctioning payment systems are a major turnoff for potential customers. In order to make payments as safe and painless as possible, we wrote a custom integration to connect the Pool Bed Manager to the Santander payment system. Don't we all want an integration between a payment system and a website as smoothly blended as our favourite beach cocktail?

Santander Santander

Cherry on the cake

Last but not least we made a 360° video of their famous White & Silver opening party which can be seen with or without VR glasses. People that were there can now relive the experience of an unforgettable night. Those that didn't make it over there can now endlessly regret not booking a ticket through our fantastic booking system.


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