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Within a very competitive market such as custom-software development, an attractive website will make the difference. The Antwerp based company BPM Software wanted to give their (potential) customers a next level web-experience. They decided to team up with Artcore Society to create a fresh website and complete branding: good choice, even if we say so ourselves.

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Building a proper responsive website is one thing, making it look good is something else. That’s why we came up with a full branding package for their latest product Optedo.

We designed their business cards, advertisement material, folder, website and landing pages in a minimalistic but corporate-looking style with a strong focus on the color blue.

Custom icon set

The devil is in the details! We wanted to give the website an even more personal touch, so we made a complete custom icon set for Optedo.

A fresh website always feels like a new era in the evolution of a company. We’re sure that with their brand new little spot on the World Wide Web, BPM Software is ready to kick some ass in the future!

Optedo Device 1
Optedo Device 2
Optedo Device 3

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