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Carrying out a survey is a proven way to learn more about your customers. Especially as an insurance agent understanding your clients is of vital importance. Because we like making life easier, we worked together with Baloise on an online application to define the risk profile of their clients.

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Baloise wanted us to replace their basic risk analysis - using Word-documents and Excel-spreadsheets - with a complete new online tool for surveying. One that’s accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop; has a user-friendly, playful but still professional interface and can be graphically personalized by the insurance agents.

The test

Through responding to the various questions, the application knows what kind of risk profile you have. We accompanied the profile descriptions with custom-made visuals to further identify yourself with the different type of characters.

The user gets a detailed explanation about his or her characteristics and is able to give feedback to Baloise at any time. Last but not least, Baloise receives all the (anonymous) data from the test in an organized way so both the company and client can learn from it!

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