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How do you convince customers to buy more of your products? Yup: by making sure they can sell more of their own products! Sounds easy right? On this project we worked together with Boris Agency on a visual application for the sales team of Bacardi.

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The landing page of the application gives the user a choice between calculating margins, managing purchase prices and managing selling prices. Each of these features are specially made to show the customers that buying more Bacardi products results in higher profits.

Calculate margins

With the “Margin calculator" - a specific tool in the Bacardi application - it’s possible to figure out how much profit you can make by selling Bacardi products. Throw away those way too difficult and boring calculations, the application does all the thinking for you!

Manage products

Because every hospitality business has it’s own prices, we made it possible to edit both the buying and selling prices for all of the drinks.


Something even more satisfying than seeing happy customers, is seeing your customers having happy customers. Cheers to the great collaboration, Bacardi. Let’s drink to that!

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