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KBC was looking for a refreshing alternative to their classic demo video about the benefits of banking apps. To attract a young audience, with their first smartphones in their pockets, we worked out a virtual reality story to explain the advantages and functionallities of the KBC K’Ching App.

3D meets video

K’Ching, a cute 3D robot designed to help you out with all sorts of tasks evolving around “banking” has one minor set-back: he’s a 3D robot. To implement him in the world where we live in we had to optimize him and make it look like he is actually a part of our world. Our 3D team and video team worked closely together to accomplish exactly that: a semi seamless integration of 3D in actual video. That’s not all: we decided to go with 360 video: video all around you!

K'ching Screenshots Youtube

Everything from scratch.

Since the 3D figure wasn’t optimised for this kind of communication and a scenario or briefing for a shooting in the essence is just a piece of paper we had to create everything from scratch: rig the character, give it textures and the ability to move, look for locations and so on. A great project that really shows the various capabilities of the Artcore team: from creation over video shooting to project management.

K'ching fullscreen screenshot youtube
K'ching cellphone simulation VR

Youtube & Google Cardboard.

To make sure the reach of our video is as broad as possible we created our content for the Youtube 360 player which works on both computers as mobile devices while also keeping the possibility to see the video in virtual reality. For example, by means of a Google Cardboard.

K'ching Screenshots After Effects Mettle

Post-production using Mettle.

Last step was to merge the 3D elements together with the 360 video. Check out the result at the top of this page, and don’t forget to look around ;)

K'ching fullscreen mascotte
Phantom 4 Image

Drone footage

At the end of the video, K’ching lands on top of a car. We sent a drone up in the sky to capture a real-world environment for this shot and combined it with the 3D animation.

360 cam image

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