3D artist

Ready for the next step in your career?

3D artist

To join our design team, we’re looking for a 3D artist / motion graphics designer. An artist who knows his way around both 2D and 3D with a focus on layout and design. An interest in environments and character animation is definitely a plus. We need someone with a broad range of visual competences for whom different styles are no problem.

The person we’re looking for has advanced knowledge of:

  • A 3D software package (3DS MAX and/or Cinema 4D)
  • Preferably Unity. Unreal is also possible, knowledge of both is even better
  • After Effects / motion software
  • Extra points and a croque monsieur in your first week for:
    • Animation in all its forms
    • Illustrator or another design program
    • (Knowledge of) 3D on web: webGL
    • (Unity) development

Someone who wants to focus on: 

  • Elevate the design team to unknown (motion & 3D) heights
  • 3D & motion work for kick-ass customers such as Mediamarkt, HP, Syngenta, Get Driven, …
  • 3D & motion work as part of a larger project
  • Case studies
  • Fun, short animations for (our and client’s) social media

Who are you?

  •   You’re an independent worker willing to expand your horizon and skillset
  •   You’re able to meet deadlines and provide a backup plan when things take longer than expected
  •   You’re able to take on a long-term view so that you purposefully create content that can potentially be reused on other projects
  •   You’re equally skilled in cooking up something from scratch as in adhering to existing brand guidelines and using existing assets
  •     You’ve got excellent communication skills

What can we offer you?

  • A highly varied portfolio with challenging projects
  • Semi-flexible working hours (You’re expected to start working between 8:00 and 9:30) 
  • A competitive salary complemented with an attractive package of fringe benefits
  • A 40 hour work week, which ensures 12 additional vacation days
  • A stable work environment and safety net through the Celestial Group we are part of
  • Annual company and team events
Interested? Let us know through info@artcoresociety.com